Saigon Cooking Class & Local Market Tour
Country Vietnam
Venue Saigon Cooking Class by Hoa Tuc, 74/7 Hai Bà Trung, Bên Nghé, Quân 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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For a fun and warmer atmosphere participants cook all together with our Chef but everyone has their own material and ingredients for a better understanding of cooking techniques. You will use the Vietnamese kitchenware to realize and enjoy a tasty 3 course Vietnamese meal.

-4 dishes
-All ingredients
-Market tour
-Recipe booklet
-Small group
-Vietnamese kitchenware

-From Tuesday To Sunday

Morning class:
-8:45 am: Meet at Cua Tay entrance of Ben Thanh market ( West Gate number 5 ), our chef wears a "Saigon Cooking Class" uniform
-9:00 am: Market tour, don't be late the group leaves for the tour at 9 sharp
-10:00 am: Cooking class
-1:00 pm: End of class

-Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawns, Pork, Fresh Herbs and Rice Noodles.
-Saigon Cooking Class’s Peanut Dipping Sauce
-Green Mango Salad, Baby Spinach & BBQ Chicken with Sate
-Fried Rice with Lotus Seeds, Prawns, Chicken & Veggies Folded in a Fresh Lotus Leaf
-Seasonal Dessert

-Fried Spring Roll with Pork and Glass Noodles
-Traditional Dipping Sauce
-Fresh Lotus Stems Salad with Prawns, Pork and Vietnamese Herbs with Prawn Cracker and Chilli
-Fresh Rice Noodles with Marinated BBQ Pork, Raw Vegetables and Fresh Herbs. HoaTuc’s Kumquat
-Seasonal Dessert

-Mustard Leaf Rolls with Crunchy Vegetables & Prawns.
-Kumquat Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce
-Sticky Rice Fritter Stuffed with Pork and Carrot with Soya Sauce
-Charcoal Grilled Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaves with Lemongrass Served with Fresh Rice Noodles or Rice
-Seasonal Dessert

-Sour Soup with Prawns, Pineapple, Tamarind Paste and Okra
-Banana Blossoms Salad with Chicken, Peanuts and Deep-Fried Shallots in a Banana Tree Flower
-Crisp Rice Flour Pancake with Pork and Prawns and Soya Sprouts
-Seasonal Dessert

-Fried Spring Roll with Pork & Taro
-Nuoc Mam Dipping Sauce
-Water Spinach and “Cang Cua” Salad with Quail Eggs, Dry Prawns, Raw Vegetables, Fried Garlic & -Shallots with Hoa Tuc’s Kumquat Dressing
-Crispy Fried Noodles with Squids and Crunchy Vegetables
-Seasonal Dessert

-Fresh Spring Rolls with Prawns, Pork, Fresh Herbs and Rice Noodles
-Saigon Cooking Class’s Peanut Dipping Sauce
-Glass Noodle Salad with Marinated Squids, Vegetables & Tamarind Dressing
-Stew Chicken in a Clay Pot, Ginger, Basil, Coconut Juice & Jasmine Rice
-Seasonal Dessert

Starting Time:


How to use
-Please present your booking reference number at the cooking school.

Meeting Point:
-Cua Tay entrance of Ben Thanh market (West Gate number 5)

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